Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I love this new layout! ^^

yeah, finally I can open and renew my blog...
the last time I opened it when I changed my template. It was quite cute, but it made me confused to create a new post. ya,,begitulah,,masih pemula dalam dunia blogger,,,xixixi ;p
Although my previous template is more cute for me, now my blog looks better than before after I added some gadgets. I hope I can update this blog more often, in spite of many assignments in school. =^_^=

back to school

ugh...I want more holiday,,,more time to stay and "do nothing" at home :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

'Sims 3' sells 1.4 million in first week

AP - Wednesday, June 10
LOS ANGELES - "The Sims" are in a good mood.

Electronic Arts Inc., publisher of the popular video game franchise, announced Tuesday that 1.4 million copies of "The Sims 3" were sold the first week. That makes "Sims 3" the best-selling PC game launch in EA's history.
The company also said over 7 million user-designed items _ such as home furnishings and clothing _ were downloaded from the game's Web site.
The third installment of the life-simulating game was released June 2 and features a new moviemaking tool and additional ways to customize the personalities of the game's virtual townsfolk. EA announced last year that the original "Sims" passed the 100 million sales mark since its launch in 2000, making "The Sims" the world's best-selling computer game.

hooaa,,,the sims 3!! I can't wait to play it soon,,,,, :3

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jessica and Johannes' bday

Although their bday was 13 days ago, but today we went to Mad Jack to celebrate it...^^
Here are some of the pictures and look at iponne,,she's too satisfied with the food and made the expression like this.. haha :D kyoupta nee~~
anyway,,very big thanks to jessica,,the food is really nice..next time I wanna go there again,,maybe to try seafood baked rice..?? hehehe

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Gee" dance

This idea maybe sounds a lil bit crazy, but I decided to start paractising "Gee" dance by Girls Generation.. This dance is very cute <3
I learn the dance step from youtube ^___^.
But maybe first I ought to lose some weight :P
gee gee gee~~~~

Thursday, May 14th 2009

Hi,,long time no see ^^

dunno where to start...hmmm

I wanna begin my blog for today with DBSK/ TVXQ/ Tohoshinki's new CF...~!
This is Micky's version and he looks so kyoepta~
not forget about yunho ^_^
Anyone who interested to see this new CF can refer to this link :

hmm,,today's lecture really stressed me out. >,<
Exam day is nearer and nearer... I think I still not prepared well for the exam and must start to study hard... ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

stress reliever : One Piece..!!!!!!!

I found these one piece 398 part 1,2 and three from the youtube recently. I think it won't stay for a long time coz it will be erased. I only post the part 2 and 3 coz I've already closed the part one..hehehehe
Part 2


Part 3

hmm,,does anyone know how to post youtube link and make the video appear on the blog??
I need your help to teach me,, :)

anyway,,today my restaurant city reach level 10,,horrayyy ;^D